Faith Fighter

Faith Fighter


Right off the bat, the title caught my eye. Due to faith and religion being a stigmatized topic to bring up in public, the title of Faith Fighter seemed wildly offensive and unacceptable. However, the ambiguity of the word “fighter” could mean something less extreme, such as someone being a missionary and spreading the word in the fight to spread a religious belief. This idea was quelled immediately when I began to read the game description. It used a patronizing tone in saying that religious hatred has never been more fun and that you would have the opportunity to “kick the shit out of your enemies.” My view of the game was further confirmed when the first menu screen came up and told me to pick my fighter among the options of God, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Budai, and Ganesha. Each player had clenched fists and stood in a Mortal Kombat-like pose, suggesting that these players were inevitably going to exchange violent blows and deliver some knock outs.

Due to the socially hazardous theme of this game, I expected there to be a disclaimer- and there was. It provided the message of the game, which is, “to push gamers to reflect on how the religions and sacred representations are often instrumentally used to fuel or justify conflicts between nations and people.” It then gives an option for the normal version of the game or censored. The inclusion of this message is entirely necessary, otherwise it could create a disastrous uproar.

Upon gameplay, I noticed the background becoming more of a wasteland as time progressed. I think this implies that as religious fights proceed, the world becomes more destroyed. I saw that to be a subtle, yet powerful message. The overall tone of the game is ironic because it takes the heads of religion and makes them battle. Aren’t beings like God supposed to be loving and peaceful? This just gives a dramatic interpretation of the religious battles that go on. As opposed to just having a character represent Catholicism and another character represent Buddhism, they used the actual figures associated with those religions.

Whereas the makeup of the game seems offensive, its message is clear. Religious fighting is ridiculous and pointless and all it does is create harm to the world. The game does an effective job in bringing this message to the forefront and making the player feel immature and stupid if they in fact house some type of religious prejudice. The patronizing tone and gameplay convey that message strongly.


  1. jmtroop said:

    I found this game to be a fairly fun twist on what is mostly a very serious topic. While most people look at the differences of religious faiths so seriously, this game puts a very fun light on the religious debate. The cartoonish takes on each of the deities pokes fun at each equally, and the special attacks given to each in the game add a level of depth as well as adding to the comedy of the game. I find it sad that there has to be a disclaimer at the beginning of the game, as it shows how easily offended some people get about certain topics. Overall, I found it a very fun game and a fun twist on a usually serious topic.

  2. allangolden said:

    I really liked your analysis of how as religious fighting proceeds, the world becomes more destroyed. When I saw the world getting destroyed in the background I just briefly thought it was from the power of the beings you were controlling, but I like your interpretation of this much better. I think you did a great job analyzing this game. It really does put an interesting twist on a major source of conflict in the world today.

  3. I do think it’s sad that so much conflict today arises from religious prejudice and hatred. Unfortunately the audience of this game is most likely not going to be those who facilitate this problem. Maybe some will have a prejudice or stereotype towards another religion and from this game learn to think twice about it, but I feel like the game is almost mocking religion in general. The way the symbolic figures are portrayed in this game is almost offending in that they are all put in this combative hateful manner. I completely understand that the game is trying to say we should not hate people for their religious differences, but I just don’t think this game confronts the issue in a very respectful manner.

  4. lpsmit said:

    As many have already stated, this game takes a very interesting stance. I believe that it successfully talks about a subject that many people try to avoid because of the many views that people have. My first thought, when seeing the title of the game, was “what is this game really about?” I then, thought about the “Diag Preacher,” who stands some where on the Diag, trying to “force” his beliefs on those who walk by. While I have not yet played the game, I am definitely intrigued by the background chosen. I will definitely be playing this game to see what it is really about.

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