The NBA 2K12 is the most recent of a series of basketball video games, published by 2K sports.  The idea of the game is for gamers to have control over their favorite, most iconic basketball players, and play against their friend’s teams.  I learned about this game through a close group of guy friends, who have in fact set up their own “2K league”.  The game became interesting to me after witnessing how much my friends cared about winning these games, and in fact beating the other teams.   While the teams are not reflective of current teams these players play on (Lebron plays for the Knicks in their league due to a separate draft), their real talent is demonstrated through the game.  Based on how well they play in the 2K league, players can even get inducted into the “Basketball Hall of Fame”.  To make the game seem even more real, there is a broadcasting team that makes the audio of the game realistic.

Since I am a basketball fan, I started to pay a lot of attention to exactly what the game entails.  For a while, I could not understand why they would not just watch a game.  But 2K actually teaches these boys how to develop basketball plans and win games at an elite level.  I find it cool that this game gives fans an opportunity to compete as if it were March Madness, but also that they can learn more about the game.  I would be interested to learn if this game benefits real basketball players in the success of their game.  At least for kids playing basketball, I would assume the 2K gives them a better sense of how to move around the court successfully.Image

  1. Terrance said:

    I enjoy NBA 2K12 a lot. Because basketball is my favorite sport, I’m glad they have finally taken basketball videogames to the next level of gaming. For years now, NHL, MLB, and MLS games have had better graphics, simpler controls, and provided a fun line between difficulty and strategy in sports games. Madden NFL games have been virtually perfect for about 3 to 4 years now, so I don’t even count them in the same league. When NBA 2K11 came out last year, I was very excited to see Michael Jordan finally allow himself to be included in a game, instead of in previous games being just a “Player” with 99 ratings in every category. NBA 2K12 takes basketball a step further, with better graphics, controls, more realistic animations, and tons of gaming options to make you never want to stop playing!

  2. spenway said:

    I definitely agree with Terrance about the graphics in this game. They are definitely a huge part of the games success in my opinion. The life-like representations and incorporation of real-life players make the game exciting and even more realistic than most other sports games. After talking to a few of my friends, I think that the players definitely learn something as a result of the game play. New strategies and plays are incorporated into the games mechanics, giving real basketball players new ideas in games of their own. The life-like graphics in the game are complimented by the interactive component as well. By engaging in games with friends in real time, players feel an even stronger connection to the NBA 2K12.

  3. aishamalek said:

    After having watched someone play NBA 2K12, I felt that one of the most remarkable qualities of the game was that it gives players the option to play as iconic basketball players from past eras, like Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, and Isaiah Thomas. The game even goes as far as to change the appearance of the broadcast to make it appear that the game was being played during that time–the camera quality becomes noticeably fuzzier and the players’ uniforms consist of jerseys and short shorts. The game definitely blurs the line between the past and the present and can bridge the gap between generations of basketball fans, which would contribute to the games success. Something that stood out to me was that even when playing these “retro” style games, the advertisements on the virtual court remained modern. Advertisements in video games is something that kind of baffles me–I don’t understand why a player should have to be shown advertisements in a game that they pay $50 for. I guess that at the same time it sort of contributes to the realistic nature of the game, as it makes the court look just like it would in real life, ads and all.

  4. Asia Bond said:

    I completely agree with the idea of this game giving the player the actual feeling of playing on the professional teams. What I find to be most interesting is that I find more adult men playing these games than young boys. I am not sure if the game attracts more men because of the relation that they have to professional basketball or what? I have friends that speak of this game on multiple occasions and take the game quite seriously. I have never played, but I have seen others play and they are quite intense and take it very seriously. I have even seen some of my friends place bets on each team as if they are the real players. Possibly playing the game as these players gives them the illusion that they are in fact as talented as these players, nevertheless they are the ones using the skill of the game.

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