Doodle or Die

Doodle or Die is an online game that a friend of mine recently recommended to me. It describes itself as “Telephone”, a game many of us are familiar with from our elementary school days, but with illustrations. How the game works is you are assigned descriptions which you must doodle (using a variety of colors and brush sizes), as well as doodles, which you must write a description for. Your doodles and descriptions lead to “active chains”, which one can later view to see the progression of words and images. In this way, you can see where the descriptions you wrote and the doodles you drew ended up. The rules of the game are simple, you can only skip 3 proposed descriptions/images, which forces you to think creatively to keep the game going.

I found that what made this game fun was the hilarity of some of the interpretations of the doodles. Looking at the chains of doodles and the way that one idea could, several descriptions later, be turned into something completely different is what makes this game appealing. Also, it allows people to interact with people from around the world (I’m assuming).

I think the meaning that this game conveys is that each individual has a different way of interpreting a statement or visual. Doodle or Die definitely draws upon differences in perspectives to create this never-ending chain of images. By setting up interactions between users, Doodle or Die also creates a sort of network or community within the game.

More than anything, though, I feel that Doodle or Die serves as a creative outlet for a diverse audience. Some of the doodles are detailed, and some aren’t. And, of course, along with the option of being anonymous in the game comes the occasional vulgarity. Overall, Doodle or Die is a fun way to kill some time and to keep oneself entertained.

  1. Asia Bond said:

    I have never seen this game and when I think and look at this game it has a sense of innocence to it. I have two younger sisters, one age six and the other is four. My six year old sister is really into educational/fun computer games. This appears to be a game that she would love to play. I think that this game would teach kids new and inventive ways of expressing themselves through art. Are there different levels? For example if there are different levels would the interpretations get harder to draw? I think that this seems like a fun game. Is the audience of this game geared towards older or younger kids. I know that sometimes in class I begin to doodle just to release some stored anxiety or boredom, but can anyone play?

  2. lpsmit said:

    This game is amazingly interesting. I played a similar game to this at a camp I went to once. The object was for every player to write a phrase on a sheet of paper, pass it around the circle, see what images you received from the group, and place the images with each of the player (who drew what). Doodle or die, not only allows up to see things for other people’s perspective, but it also allows us to show others what we visualize when somethings are said. As a drawer, and person who looks to visualize things in another person’s shoes, I personally loved the game. It allowed me to learn how and what other people thought and/or visualized things.

  3. springsteen1 said:

    Interesting post. I would be interested in your opinions on how this correlates to Facebook, Twitter, etc. In other words, how does it tie into the larger narrative of a changing new / social media environment? Are the interactions different? Is this game and several like it part of a larger move towards visual interaction in new / social media? Or, like QR codes, is this more of a likely temporary trend?

    I would argue that you have presented the framework and reasons, but I would tie these points together. Overall, very interesting.

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