After recently establishing the good that can come from video games that represent sports, I wanted to play other games asImageide from basketball.  Football and tennis did similar things to 2k, but FIFA 2012 had a much bigger message than the other sports video games I played.  Since FIFA is soccer or “futbol”, the most popular sport in the world, the game exemplifies the way the league really works.


This game demonstrates a lot about the role that the manager plays and players interactions with the managers.  The way that the game integrates real life economics is what makes it so great in my opinion.  It teaches players who are interested in national soccer the pros and cons of the game through the difficulties that money brings.  Where the richer clubs get the better players (just like in the national league itself, players struggle to put their teams together and deal with the press when things go wrong


Ultimate team, which is a disk that comes with FIFA 2012 helps teach kids and players the most in my opinion.  The disk itself allows players to build their own team (the ultimate team) through earning coins and buying players in groups.  I believe this teaches kids about the real economics of supply and demand without letting them realize through spending real money.  In my opinion, FIFA 2012 is a great game for teenagers to play as it teaches the truth about something that interests players.

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  1. Asia Bond said:

    I think that soccer is an amazing sport, however it’s popularity among viewers is not as high as football and basketball. Many people enjoy soccer, but it is definitely an American sport. I think that the reason that basketball and football are so popular among a wider audience is because they in the games and in real life they only show the glamour behind the sports, but not necessarily the hard work and dedication it takes to get there. For FIFA the game they show the player everything behind the world of professional soccer other than just the perks. I think that if gamemakers showed everything that went into the world of football and basketball that many people would not be interested because I think that has a lot to deal with why there is such a huge buy for many players. Not saying that because they show everything that goes into professional soccer is why it is not as popular, but many players are into these particular games because of the fun of the game, not the history behind it.

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