Challenge Accepted

“Cat in a platform game?? Not so simple! Each level has a new challenge: no more jumping, harsh time limits, and more. If you are brave, and have fast fingers, Accept the Challenge. Can you and your game cat can conquer the everything?”
Challenge Accepted is a simple, yet strategic game. The purpose of the game is clear but this is a game that requires patience and thinking. In Challenge Accepted you must beat each level and move onto the next level until you can complete the game. To play the game, use the left and right arrows to move the cat left and right. Use the up arrow to make him jump. The game begins with the cat on one side of the screen and you have to get him to the other side of the screen, but there are obstacles in the way. There are blocks that need to be jumped over and spikes that need to be avoided. If you land on a spike they will make you start that stage over. In addition to jumping and dodging, the cat also needs to land on a platform in order to open the door to the other side. The game is simple at first, but as you progress it becomes more complicated. You began to get timed on the stages and the obstacles are harder to overcome.

This game influences you to be patient and problem solve. You know the purpose of the game, to beat the level, but you must think about the best tactic to use to get you to the finish. Also you need to have patient because though the directions are simple, the steps you take to beat the level are not. The game encourages patience because things do not happen as you would like them to. You might be close to the finish and then make a mistake and have to start over, so patience is key.
I personally found the game interesting and fun. My best friend and I were racing each other to see who could finish each level the fastest but we both got stuck on level five. Neither one of us could make the cat move left. I’m not sure if it was a problem with the game or if this occurred on purpose but neither one of us was able to pass it. Nonetheless, the game was still entertaining. It was a change from the super active games that are normally played.
There is not much color to the game, I wouldn’t call it dull but it was definitely not lively. The cat was black and the background of every stage was a different color, red, green, purple, and blue.
No, Challenge Accepted is not the most entertaining game out there, but it does hold values for those who choose to play the game.


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