Slacker Video Game

The game Slacker is basically about a guy named Slacky (I know such a creative name) who has a job opportunity in the Deli-Mart. He is extremely lazy and this game frustrates me a little. For one, I have no idea what’s the whole point of the game other than to show how frustrating it is to be lazy or shall I say try to help a lazy person. It is far from interesting and the only reason I continued playing is because of the feeling of frustration. I had to somehow find a way to get to the next level, which in my opinion was a bit difficult! There’s this checklist you must do before heading out of the house. In order to finish the checklist, you must click on things around the room. Slacky often give a witty comment remark or lazy comment to just about everything! things or a lazy comment. For instance, when he’s in the bathroom, which you go in because one of the tasks on the checklist is to look nice/get ready, and click on toilet, he says the toilet is for decoration, and when you click on the sink, he says my hands are clean enough and the toothbrush leads to the remark the toothbrush is very disgusting, and you need more gel and my mind is consumed with the thoughts “Are you serious?” “Oh My God this is guy is so annoying!!”  As I said earlier, this game frustrates me so much! When you venture out to the living room and click on the cassette player, he says “If I want to hear something, I need a tape.” ok? then go get one! But when you click on the neighbors house, he says that he wishes his was like that. This may be sending the message that laziness won’t give you what you want. You need to venture out on your own, work hard, and get it yourself. This is also shown in the kitchen. In the kitchen, the cereal is not edible, opening the fridge might lead to occular and respiratory pain, and the microwave is extremely old and shut. This leads to the dilemma of having to feed him. He needs to eat a good breakfast before he leaves the house, which he cannot with the kitchen he has. This game, in my opinion, sets out to tell people that laziness makes your life so much worse than it needs to be. You can never get the necessities, like food, you need, nor have lavish things, like a nice house, or do simple tasks, like brush your teeth, if you do not take care of yourself and stop being lazy. Hygiene is also represented in this game with not only the toothbrush, but also the clothes and pizza and cups all over the bedroom floor. It is disgusting and I would never be able to live in a place that messy and unorganized. Another thing that I disliked about the game is that it made it so difficult to advance to the next stage in the game! It seemed like it was discouraging lazy people from switching their lives around. If I was as lazy as the guy in the game and I was paying this game, I would probably be so discouraged from changing my life because of how difficult they made it seem. If they made the game a little bit easier, then maybe it would’ve given the message that yes changing might be difficult but it is indeed possible!

  1. snbrown said:

    I agree that this game became frustrating after a while. I assumed that the message had something to do with laziness holding people back from a good future. People cannot have the things that they are not willing to work for. It is unfortunate that people, so easily, fall into the routine of being lazy, which makes it hard to break the routine. I believe it depends on the person that you are. Some people are more pateint than others and are able to tolerate issues, such as the hassles of this game, while others like myself become frustrated over time. In addition, I also believe that this game sends the message that your success cannot depend on the success of others. You have to be willing to work and do things for yourself. Someone will not always be there to help you and hold your hand like in the Slacker game. No one will be there to ensure that you are clean, well fed, etc. It is sometimes a struggle to motivate yourself to do these things, let alone trying to do them for another person. Your success depends on yourself and the things that you are willing to do for yourself.

  2. springsteen1 said:

    I have made every post and every comment about the way in which we adapt fantasy and fiction, or reality, to gaming. This game in and of itself defies those standards because of its practical life – people enjoy average folks; it’s why blogs like Kotke and work and are popular. (Though it took me 3 years – until last week – to even care about the latter.)

    I understand why this would be frustrating, but think that if you merge better mechanics (I get he’s lazy – there could be better usage of options, as discussed before), the issue could be better spelled out.

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