Jewel Quest Solitaire

Many people know solitaire to be a computer card game. It requires you to think about what move you want to make in order to win the game. It can be seen as a boring card game, not very lively with its lack of color and sound. Perhaps thei is why, as time goes on, game makers decide to change, or rather improve, certain games to make them more appealing. Jewel Quest Solitaire is an example of this. It puts a new spin on the way we play solitaire.

In Jewel Quest Solitaire there are cards laid out at the top half of the screen and two piles of foundation cards at the bottom center of your screen. To begin the game, draw your opening card from the right side of the foundation pile with the click of your mouse. These cards will be your primary source of game play. Next you select a matching card from the layout and place it on top of your drawn card. Draw a card from the left side of your foundation pile only when you run out of matches from the layout. You are given wild cards, which can be moved from the layout to the foundation pile at any time. Play any card from the layout on top of a wild card. You can earn jewels while matching cards. Match three or more jewels in a row when your foundation card matches one from the layout. The jewel board appears at the bottom right corner of the screen.  To gain bonus points, you must earn gold spaces on the jewel board during card play. Match three or more jewels horizontally or vertically to clear the rows and expose the gold spaces. At the end of each round, the jewel board appears in full view. Swap the jewels to match three or more jewels in a row to get more points until you run out of matches. Advance to another round of card play while earning more jewels.

The goal of Jewel Quest Solitaire is to move all cards from the layout to the foundation pile. Cards that are one value higher or lower than the foundation card are playable. When there are no valid plays, flip a card from the stock and try again. Jewels are dropped onto the board based on how you play the cards. The jewel dropped will match the suit of the card that is played. Earn jewels by playing long runs of sequential cards, and another one when suits match. A swap is earned every time cards match suits. A swap allows jewels to be moved around during jewel board play.

While playing the game you can undo cards if you are unsure about a move. Click the undo button at the bottom right of the screen, then try another move. You win if you complete each round and turn the entire jewel board to gold. Avoid running out of layout and foundation cards during the game. Once you run out of cards before completing your matches, the round ends, and you are forced to start over. It is a good idea to try to remove face up cards that are covering face down cards. This provides you with more card options. You will earn fifty points for each square you turn to gold and one hundred points for each remaining swap after completing the jewel board puzzle. You can replay any level that you have already completed to improve your score.

This game adds new rules to the standard game of solitaire. It draws the audience in more with its various card layouts, colors, and jewels. It does still require you to use strategic methods in order to win, but it is not as bland. It is not the same card game as it was before. This game also holds a story line, which encourages people to play. It has created a more interesting a fun way to play the game of solitaire. Game makers may believe that standard card games need to be transformed into more interactive games in order to keep them interesting. As time goes on, more adjustments are being made to games to make them more appealing to people. Jewel Quest Solitaire is among these.

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  1. ultrapoulet said:

    I wouldn’t say this game adds new rules tot he standard game of solitaire; I think this game is a variation of the Golf solitaire, not the Klondike version most people are familiar with. Anyways, I will agree that, if game makers want to recreate a classic game for today, they have to do more than just apply new graphics. These game makers need to add more features to make the game fresh and fun for today’s audiences. For example, let’s look at Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, released about a year and a half ago. This game primarily plays similarly to the original Pac-Man, however, they added features which make the gameplay more fast-paced and fun to modern players. Many of today’s gamers don’t want to just play a classic game again; they want to play a new take on that game. If done correctly, a modern take on a classic game can make for an interesting and enjoyable combination.

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