Draw 4 Play 2

Little Dude is back, and looking for more adventure in Draw 4 Play 2. The object of the game is to spray paint a path for Dude to run on. You are given four different spray paint colors, green, blue, yellow, and red, as well as an eraser to help you through the challenges of the game. You can carve out new routes with your eraser, but you must pay attention. The levels have obstacles that will wreck all your lines, and maybe crush your dude. To win, paint fast and run faster!
You can start off playing the game at the easy, medium, or hard level. With the easy level, you must capture one key. In the medium and hard levels you must capture two and three keys respectively. For your first time playing the game, I recommend starting at the easy level to get a feel for the game. Once you decide your difficulty level you begin playing the game. Level one is pretty simple. Simply spray paint a line to the top of the board to capture the key and then paint another line that will take you to the door to complete the level. The first couple of levels are simple like this. But as you complete more levels, they become harder.

For example, one level had whales that would swim across the screen and shot up water. To get to the key and finish the level you have to avoid contact with the whales as well as the water that they shoot up. In addition if you spray paint a line you must run across it before the whales come because they will erase your line. From here on out the levels are on the same lines as this one but slightly more challenging. When you complete each level you are given a thumbs up by a spray paint bottle and you are given a score as well. If you can make it to level twenty and complete it you have beat the game. If you are feeling lucky, or are up for a challenge, you can play the game over at a higher level.

Draw 4 Play 2 is a strategy game. You must strategize how to capture the keys, how to get to the end of each stage, how to avoid each obstacle, and estimate good timing. The music is upbeat and on the lines of hip hop. I do not feel that there was a direct message to this game. I believe that it is a simple game that was created for people to have some fun in their free time.
I personally enjoyed playing the game. The titled caught my attention first and then the upbeat music further peeked my interest. Once I got the hang of the game I was eager to continue until the end. It is a fun game to play during a break or during free time. It does not require a lot of thinking but it does require some. Sometimes it is nice to indulge in a game that does not have too many rules and requires a great deal of thinking and strategizing, but at the same time offers a bit of a challenge.



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