Mr. Vengeance

To explain what happened I have to return 3 years back. It’s impossible for me to forget that evening.
“Darling, I am back!”
Click the blinking circle on the door. It opens the door and shows an open cabinet.
“What’s that?”
Click on the blinking circle on the cabinet and walk further into the room.
“How did this trash get into my house?”
Click on the blinking circle on the wall and walk into another room where the phone is ringing. Click on the phone to answer.
“Hello, someone has got into my house, please, call the police!”
“Is it Mr. Vengeance’s house?”
“Yes! Do you hear me? Someone has got into my house and it seems they are still here, please, call…”
“Wonderful. I’m afraid I can’t help you.”
“Who’s that? Hello! Hello!”
Click the blinking circle to walk up the stairs. You see blood leading to a door. Click on the door.
“The door is jammed, I can’t open it.”
You pull out a gun and go to another door. You shoot two people and then see blood on the bed.
“O Lord, please…”
Click on the bed and nothing happens.
You turn around and shoot two more people before entering the bedroom. You walk to the bed.
“No, no. no… Nicole, Amy, nooooooooooooo…”

This is the opening to Mr. Vengeance. An underworld gang killed your wife and family, now your sole purpose is finding the people responsible. You are now on the tracks of Jack Fiero, one of the biggest mafia bosses, but first you must find Joe Brown. Shoot down all enemies that stand in you may. Collect ammunition and health bonuses along the way. To play the game, click on the circles on the screen to open doors, and on bonuses to collect them. Shoot enemies in the head for a quick kill, they will be shooting back at you. Your health is indicated at the bottom left of the screen, the body will become more red the more hits you take. Use health bonuses by pressing ‘space’. Use your mouse to aim and shoot your gun, and switch between weapons with number keys.
Many people like games that involve some form of violence, shooting, stabbing, and many other things, so I could understand how this game would be slightly amusing. But I do not believe that this game sends a positive message. Mr. Vengeance. The title says it all. The purpose of the game is to be vengeful of the people who did you wrong. While this is a concept that can be seen in other video games and even movies, it does not make it a positive thing. People should not get accustomed to thinking that vengeance is the answer to any problem. Even for situation that are not as extreme as someone killing your family, vengeance is still not the answer. Children began playing games at different ages and it is important that they know the difference between fiction and nonfiction. We must remember the old saying, “Two wrongs do not make a right.”





  1. jonespj said:

    I have to say that I am one to not encourage violence, but while playing this game, one cannot help but become the character. I was inclined to help the main character seek vengeance for his deceased family. The game was a little hard to understand as far as switching between weapons at first though. However, I must say that I believe that this game is encouraging violence, which in my opinion it should not because of the simple fact that there are indeed adolescents that will be playing this game. It just kind of rubbed me the wrong way as far as the games audience is concerned. Other than that I actually enjoyed the game and the plot of it as well.

  2. I have to agree with the previous comment. This is one of those games where you think that you are the main character. The game does a good job in relating the way the character feels to yourself, and helping the main character get revenge becomes your only goal for a short time in life. I enjoy the game, but as far as toddlers playing this game, that should not happen at all. However, there will be toddlers playing this game and that is what turns me off about this game. For someone of my age to be playing this game is great, but not for young toddlers.

  3. sgosain said:

    Of all the mini-games that I have played so far, whether in class or through the blogs, this is by far the most depressing. The opening statements that were posted in the original blog and put on the screen when playing the game were extremely depressing, and I know I wouldn’t want my kid playing this game. Although it has been 2 days since I played this game, and I played very little before becoming depressed, I will grudgingly admit that I did feel myself seeing the protagonists point of view because of the way the game was presented. This was my least favorite game as those played in this course because as far as gaming goes, I prefer to enjoy myself when playing the game and this game left me depressed full of negative vibes which is not something I look for when playing any game.

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