Mario as a medieval love story

the original Super Mario Brothers is one of the most popular games that every child has had the pleasure to play. Although there have been many sequels, side games, characters, journeys, and brands made off Mario, you will not find a game more original and fun tahn You will find that many college students and teenagers who have grown out of video gaming still enjoy the games that include Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Wario, Toad etc. These games have become part of our culture and allows us to have a connection to our childhood when many of the elements of our extreme youth have faded. My hypothesis for this blog is that Mario is meant to be the ultimate love story. When most people think of old love stories, they require some elements to make it a love story. In it, you need a hero, a heroine, a villain, the hero symbolizing something larger than the game, and many times one other side character that usually helps the hero, as well as a journey to get to the heroine. In these old stories, the heroine is often shown as a helpless lass who has been kidnapped by the overpowering villain, who often is a King who feels he can do whatever he wants, basically being almost the exact opposite of the hero. In these stories, the hero is often either a prince, or a poverty stricken man who has a golden heart, who completes his mission against all odds. In Super Mario Brothers, the game’s hero is obviously Mario, with his helper being Luigi. Luigi is considered a helper because he obviously isn’t the main hero, but he is still important because without him, the mission can’t be completed. obviously, the evil leader is Bowser, with the heroine being Princess Peach. Bowser, in contrast to Mario, is a king, while Mario is shown as part of the lower part of society, he is a giant, strong king, while Mario is a tiny, skinny, worker. The symbol of Mario that I noticed first hand was that Mario wears the color red, which is supposed to be a color of life, symbolizing the blood that flows through every LIVING creature’s body. The journey that Mario takes is what is most known, as his journey is the game itself. The mission is complicated, so getting through it is considered a challenge, but also because Mario and Luigi are small and thin characters who manage to defeat many enemies against all odds. Luigi, at least in the original games, is shown as a character who has no personality and is meant to be the sidekick to Mario who’s only purpose is to help Mario. All of these attributes combine to create what in my eyes is a representation of the most classic love story apart from Romeo and Juliet. The characters, themes, journey and joy of playing the game make Super Mario Brothers still one of the greatest games every created.

  1. snbrown said:

    I have played Super Mario Brothers multiplpe times and have never come to the conclusion that it was focused around a love story. After reading this blog and doing a bit of thinking, the idea that these games surround around a love story is not too far fetched. I believe that most people would agree that Msrio is indeed the hero. Every hero needs a side kick, that’s where Luigi comes in. And there is the damsal in distress, or princess, which is Peach and the evil villain, Bowser. After saving the princess she falls in love with her hero. This storyline is seen multiple times. I do not feel that any Super Mario Brothers game will ever admit that there is a love connection between Mario and Peach but there is a sufficient amount of evidence that could be used to argue the notion.

    • prutting834 said:

      While I agree that the Super Mario Bros games were not focused around the Mario-Peach love story, I do believe that they were based off one. Present in numerous fairy tales, as well as movies like Shrek, are stories of a heroic knight rescuing a beautiful princess from a tower or castle that is defended by a dragon. This is the ultimate example of chivalry and can be perceived as a love story, with the male risking everything to save the princess. I believe this type of story is the foundation of the Super Mario Bros games. The entire purpose of the game is to journey across land and sea to save Princess Peach from the castle of the dragon Bowser, no matter what the dangers or costs may be. The game certainly does not emphasize Mario’s love for Peach or build up any kind of romantic tale between the two of them. However, it is clear to me that the basis for the game is that of the chivalrous fairy tale, which can be seen as a love story.

  2. cleo313 said:

    i can’t say that super mario wasn’t in my childhood. but I can’t say that I paid much attention to the love story with Mario and Peach. I was a child that also watched Disney movies where the main character tries to get with someone of the opposite sex. There would be some hero that would save a woman from her troubles or something like that. It happened with Aladdin, and with the Little Mermaid. The love story was obvious because we got to know the characters and their chemistry. It’s not like we got to know Mario and Peach. We were giving a mission and we do it. The End.

  3. cahross said:

    I never thought of Super Mario as the Romeo and Juliet or Wuthering Heights of video games. I think that players who want to play a game for the story wouldn’t play something like Super Mario because, while there is story, it is really of minimal importance to the effect of the game. I’ve played and finished a few of the games in the series and never thought once about the characters themselves afterwards. Thinking about it, throughout the series, I’ve never even seen or heard Mario say a word. While you can say the same for Link of The Legend of Zelda series, it’s entirely different because it’s platform versus the heavily story oriented action/adventure. I think if you’re looking for a story, you’ll play something like one of the Final Fantasy games.

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