Pikachu driven by Satan or Jesus?

Red. Blue. Yellow. Gold. Silver. Diamond. These are words that when said together, ignite one word in every boys mind. POKEMON. Besides the fact that all of these are colors, they all have one thing in common, and that is that they were versions of the most popular hand held consul game ever, Pokemon. Since it was Easter this weekend, I thought that I would make this blog as a religious driven argument. To understand this blog, I have to take all readers back to my own background upon this argument comes from. Since I went to a Catholic Jesuit High School, all students were required to take a Theology course every semester whether we were Catholic or not. During my senior year of High School, my theology teacher proposed that he was not a fan of Pokemon because he felt it encouraged kids to be part of cults and also promotes values of evolution that do not agree with the way the human body works. Again these are his thoughts not mine. Sadly, he even wrote a book on how Pokemon was an inherently bad game for kids to play. I was even told that it had been banned at one of the Christian grade schools. I remember thinking at the time that it was ridiculous that we have come to a point where even Pokemon is being analyzed as the work of the devil. Therefore, my prompt for this blog is that I do not believe Pokemon is a metaphor or symbol for Satanic worship at any place in the game.


When he showed this image in class, I was shocked because since I hadn’t played since I was a boy, i was unaccustomed to the new stuff that pokemon has been putting out there. Sadly, i had no idea that the new Pokemon games had even created something as bizarre as this pokemon. I reminisce on the good old days where the only focus we had was on pikachu and charizard. I remember my theology teacher stating that he main reasons he disapproved of Pokemon was because there were some types of Pokemon that he called Physic and Dark pokemon. My counter argument for this was that although it has been 10 years since I last played Pokemon, I seemed to recall that there are other Pokemon that could be considered just as heavenly as the dark pokemon are considered evil.  He also proclaimed that Pokemon was a source of evil because it allowed kids to categorize based on looks alone. I countered saying that it wasn’t necessarily looks that a group different from another, more like there skill set. For example, football players and basketball players are not put in the same league because they have different skill sets. It’s the same thing. He also brought up the text in the image, using it as evidence of Pokemon having the godlike power of sending people to hell, which can cause a effect on children and cause them to lose faith. Again it seems astounding to me that we live in a world where Pokemon is being critiqued on the same level as the bible. No matter what the complaints are about pokemon being satanic lingo, i definitely will cherish it as part of my childhood gaming.


  1. sgosain said:

    if you cannot view the image, go to google and search Satan’s skull pokemon, it will then come up and you will be able to see the imagery and the text.

  2. snbrown said:

    It has been a while since I have interacted with Pokemon but thinking about it now, I would not say that it promotes satanic things. It was a cartoon that appealed to kids and as kids, I do not believe that they found a correlation between Pokemon and Satan. or Jesus. Kids are looking for entertainment, not persuasion. Yes, this image is disturbing, and I do understand why one would argue that this promotes satanic things. I, however, think Pokemon as a whole is harmless to children. Once they hit a certain age Pokemon will be nothing but a simple memory in their head. To lessen this problem, and problems like this I believe that television that children watch should be monitored by parents. If parents feel that their child will be effected negatively by what is being watched then the parents should complain about the show. In addition it should also be an obligation of the parent to let children know that most of what they are exposed to is fiction.

  3. prutting834 said:

    Reading this blog post, it sounds like your teacher was totally off his rocker and just looking for a way to draw attention to himself. He clearly did not have much experience playing the Pokemon games, judging my his ill-informed theories and opinions. For starters, at no point in the Pokemon series are there references to Satanic worship. This is a major, major stretch on his part. Religion is one idea that is totally absent from these games. Sure, there are “dark” and “light” Pokemon, but in my opinion this is just because the game designers were trying to create as many Pokemon types as possible. Furthermore, Pokemon hardly forces kids to categorize things based on looks, but rather encourages them to make their own decisions and pick a play-style of their choosing. Players must build a team of 6 Pokemon to challenge gym leaders and the final four bosses, and the focus of this team building is on balancing Pokemon types. For example, if you are facing a grass-type gym leader, you would certainly want a fire-type Pokemon in your team. If anything, Pokemon teaches that looks are absolutely meaningless and to be cliche: “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I specifically remember one of the most powerful Pokemon was an innocent looking giraffe, while one of the least effective was a giant bear who always falls asleep. Thus, your teacher obviously was grasping at straws and was not well-informed about Pokemon. If there is any gripe to be had with the game, it should be centered on the treatment of animals. As a player, you trap your Pokemon in tiny balls, fight them against other Pokemon, and often cause them to faint and require medical treatment.

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