Rock, Paper, Scissors: A True MacGuffin

When this game of 1 out of 3 chances started; I can’t really say. But everyone has known this somewhat “ritual” ever since their parents were kids. It’s simple, quick, and easy to know the rules.

Rock beats Scissors

Scissors cuts Paper

Paper covers Rock

That’s about it. But it gets a little more involved by making sure to throw your choice out at the same time as the other players.I don’t know if I’m the only one that did this, but I did kind of question how a sturdy and strong rock could be beaten by a flimsy piece of paper. I’ve seen rocks work as paper weights let alone just have a piece of paper cover it up and be beaten. For example, let’s walk through the ways to beat your opponent:


Rock beats scissors: “Oh no! These scissors are bent! I can’t use them”

Scissors cuts Paper: “Oh no! The paper is in strips! I can’t use this for writing on!

Paper covers Rock: “Oh no! My rock has a…blanket over it and is still in one piece.”

You know this looks badass.

I’ll admit over time, people came up with their own revised versions of the game such as using different objects to shape your hand into. As a kid, I’ve scene dynamite, tidal wave, lava and earthquake. Weren’t we so inventive. And thanks to we now have Rock, Paper, Scissors as a three way fighting game called Rock, Paper, Scissors Extreme Deathmatch. Really good game and as action packed as three random objects can be (link at the bottom).

Along with this game as something to do when you and your friend is bored and without paper to play Tic-Tac-Toe with, (thanks scissors) it’s used mostly today as a MacGuffin. Let me explain this writer’s term. A MacGuffin is a plot device can be any object, character, or event that moves a movie or a story along. If anything, something that’s really convenient at certain times that helps a character. An example of this would be like the 1st ring from Lord of the Rings. It was said that the 1st ring could control all the rings and was very important to find. That ring worked as convenience and became a MacGuffin. Or even the glasses from Transformers, which had the map of where the Alspark (another MacGuffin) would be located. With this game, it’s used as a sort of “mini-game” when making hard decisions. Let’s say you’re about to play cards with friends so there’s no way to tell who would go first. Rock, Paper, Scissors is used to be the deciding factor, moving the game along. Rock, Paper, Scissors is a traditional game of chance and luck since even with playing with more than 4 people would possibly result in all three choices being thrown out. Meaning…I don’t know. I personally have never had that issue and I doubt many people would keep going with the game since the moves circle each other endlessly. But it’s a game and a mini-game all in one just as any hand-clapping game could be. Whether you liked it or hated it, it’s one of those “eh” games that mostly relies on luck and quick thinking.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Extreme Deathmatch


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