Subjective Sport, is it ineffective ?

Amongst the glut of games (web and console alike) only appealing to certain fans of certain things, exists one that ask a little more.

The object of this game “Kanye Zone” is to, as a mighty blue orb, prevent the head of Kanye West from touching a purple circle, known as his “zone”, for “cash”.

To play this game you have to have;



-access to a computer with internet access

To understand that point of this game, you have to be;

-familiar with Kanye West

-familiar with the lyrics to whatever that song is

Sure. Whatever. It’s pretty fun. There’s not much to “understand”, but it at first left me a titch irritated.

Namely because I don’t care for Kanye West.

As a musician, I’m uninterested and not at all impressed.

As a person, I’d sooner hang out with Mel Gibson.

As the subject of a web game, sure, why not. I don’t know what the deal with his “zone” is or why we should keep him out of it and frankly I don’t care.

If you have an avid aversion to something, in this situation, it’s difficult to separate that thing you don’t like from that game you’re trying to play. Why play it in the first place ? Because it’s sort of fun and you sort of find satisfaction in imagining yourself inconveniencing a celebrity you hate ?

On a broader note, no matter how aesthetically pleasing a game or anything is, the ugliness still remains so very obvious to the pooper at the party.



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