Sugar, Sugar

Strategy games come in many different forms and involve different things. It is good to change the setup of strategy games because it will make peope want to play the game more. If these strategy games aren’t unique, people will not want to play them. Some might ask you to think about numbers or ways to build or solve something. Some might even ask you to use sugar.

Sugar, Sugar is a game featired on In ths game spilly sugar is a bad thing, and putting the sugar in the cup is a goodthings. To do this. draw lines to guide the sugars to their happy sugar cup place. The game starts you off at level 1 and you progress from there. As the level increases so does the difficulty of each level. The first level shows a cup sitting on the edge of a ledge and the cup says 100. To the left of the cup you are given instructions that tell you to draw with your mouse to get enough sugar in the cup. Underneath the cup are more words that say if you get stuck you can hit the reset button. At the top of the screen, in big bold letters, reads sugar, sugar. When the level begins, sugar begins falling from the “sugar, sugar” words. To beat this level you simply draw a line from the words where the sugar is falling to the cup. Once the sugar lands in the cup the number on the cup decreases. When the cup reads 0, you have completed the level.

All the levels follow this routine but there are some tricks and challenges along the way. Level 2 gives you two cups in which you just perform the same task as level 1. Level 3 has a couple of changes. There are 2 cups that read 100 but one cup in white and the other is red. The instructions on the side of screen tells you that white sugar goes in the white cup and red sugar goes in the red cup. This may catch you off guard at first because they is not red sugar. However the level puts two red circles that are linked together on the screen. To beat the level draw a line from the white cup to the sugar and another line from that sugar to the red dots and then to the red cup. The levels after this are on the same lines but the directions are slightly different.

This was an interesting way to set up a strategy game. It uses sugar. I believe that gamers should continue  to think about how to present games to people in a new and exciting way. They need to constantly think about what things will draw what type of people in. Will it be color, sound, or even the name of the game?


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