Hang me, Word Me, or Even Scramble Me

the modern gaming industry seems to have taken a strong interest in updating it’s players education, as the games Words With Friends, Hang with Friends, and Scramble With Friends seemed to have become popular overnight about a year and a half ago.   These three ZYNA apps have become the primary source of entertainment on the smart phones, along with Temple Run.  As an app for the smart phone generation, you will find millions of young adults obsessed with 3 games thad do an excellent job of not just being entertainment but educating young people from a vocabulary perspective.  It is well documented and known that the vocabulary of college kids is one of the weakest aspects of their education. Words, Hang and Scramble with Friends have each allowed the smart phone generation to expand their vocabulary while on the run. These games are easily accessible, because unlike most games, you don’t have to pay a cent to acquire the full versions.   They are now accessible to Iphones as well as Androids, which gives access to many different college students. Most people play these games while doing another activity entirely, which also makes the game easy because it allows for muli-tasking. I personally end up playing the game while I’m riding in a bus or car, or am waiting for laundry, or just in general doing another task where I have a couple of minutes in between. Not only am I using my time wisely by partaking in other task, but the little free time I have is being used to expand my vocabulary in a competitive state. For those that don’t know, all three games are meant to expand vocabulary in different ways. Words with Friends is basically Scrabble on a phone. Scramble with Friends gives a set of 16 letters, and you must create as many words out of those 16 random letters in 2 minutes. Hang with Friends is basically hangman on a phone, but you are  given a select few letters to create a word off of rather than all 26 alphabets being available. The drawbacks to these games is that these games have a great deal to cause people to be “addicted” to their smart phones, which is becoming a extreme problem in the modern world, especially in college students. Combining texting, games, youtube, and internet has made some people hooked to their phone at all times. Yet, as someone who has a smart phone and enjoys all these liberties, I’m not one to complain. The competitive nature is also a pro, because you will find many friends playing each other in these games and actually getting excited about playing a game that will expand their intellectual range. It is because of this that although it may result in college student being addicted to their phones, that I am in favor of ZYNGA creating more games of this nature that will allow people to grow in their mind as well as be entertained. I know for one that if any person thinks they are a good Scramble or Words player, I look forward to playing in order to display competitive spirit.


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