I am fairly confident that I could ask every single kid my age in this country about the game monopoly, and they all would know what it was and have played it at some point in their lives. That may be an exaggeration, yet it doesn’t take away the fact that monopoly may be one of the most intellectual and competent kids games created because it is a fun game as well a game that has professional aspects to it. I would compare it to a game such as Scrabble, which allows a player to enjoy yet still exercise his brain in an enjoyable way. Even though most games that have intellectual aspects to it are usually not fun, I share fond memories of Monopoly because it taught me my interest in business. The game, as most people know, revolves around players competing to gain money, properties, and utilities deeds in an attempt to make your their opponents go bankrupt. Some of the properties have become so famous that their very names strike a familiarity with people, such as he famous Boardwalk, which is the most expensive property in the game. The game allows for people to use skills and terminology of a businessman in a game. It allows the player to practice simple arithmetic and even money management skills. I remember a I was in high school and we were at Barnes and Noble, and a kid said to his father when his father ran out of money on his gift card, that the card was Bankrupt. The father asked where did the kid know that term from, and the child replied monopoly. I found this extremely funny because it reminded me of my first experience playing the game, where i thought i had become a full-fledged businessman just because I knew some of the terms of monopoly. One of the few drawbacks that I feel exist within the game is that the game is too long, and there are not many ways to shorten it unless you limit the amount of terms a person can play. I know this because that is a personal experience that happened multiple times between my cousins and I. Also, it is not meant for a large group of people to play, and honestly should not be played by more than 5 people.However, this often results in some of the properties not being bought, creating arguments on who would have ultimately won. I also believe monopoly is one of the elite games created because it is available for all ages groups. i still could sit down in my free time and be willing to play a game of monopoly at the age of 19, just as I was when I was 9 years old. It is because of these factors that monopoly is still one of the top game today, and everyday movies, and video games create their own versions on Monopoly because they know that will attract customers. You never know, they could have learned that business tactic by playing monopoly as kids.

  1. I agree that the monopoly game is very popular. Although the game does have professional aspects to it, I think they they are mostly overlooked because of how fun the game actually is. The game might teach these lessons in business, but I think that players might have a hard time learning these lessons due to the amount of their attention that is spent of just having fun. However, Monopoly is one of the best games that we have today.

  2. cahross said:

    I’ve never been a fan of Monopoly, namely because the game takes aeons and aeons to finish. However, I’m sure like starting a business, you shouldn’t attempt it unless you’re ready and willing, and it won’t be easy and capable of doing overnight. Though I dislike it, I don’t doubt that it’s a great game, but most who play it aren’t budding businessmen or women and don’t have any entrepreneurial knowledge, so I do wonder what that says about how effective the game is.

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