Mario Party revised

I always thought of Mario Party as a game of luck that involved chance rather than actual skill. Because of this, I always disliked the game and never played it much. I also disliked the game because it took so long to play, often taking multiple hours, which is why I disliked playing a full game of monopoly. Another complaint that I had with the game is that the character you choose has no effect on the game or how you play. I personally like a game where picking a specific character has a benefit or challenge. So every time I saw that Mario Party 8 or 9 are coming out, I just viewed it as a dying attempt to save the Mario Trademark, which in this regard is strictly based off luck. So this blog will focus primarily on the fact that I think that Mario Party is solely based on luck and your ability in the mini-games. This past week, my friend challenged me in a bet and had the challenge defeating him in a game of Mario Party. I hoped I could Sadly, I was proven wrong when by my friend who showed me Mario Party is all skill rather than luck. We started off wit h4 players, and he guaranteed that he would win in the beginning because he said he was best at the mini-games, which often decide how many coins a certain player obtains. It turns out that not only did I lose the bet, my view on Mario Party was changed because although the rolling of the game dice is slightly luck, the mini-games can allow a player to obtain so many coins that it can benefit him in the end of the game, because the person who has the most coins gets primary shots at the stars, which is the objective of the game. This changed my opinion of Mario Party slightly, in that I now can confidently saw that the initial Mario Party, which have only “Party Mode” can be called luck because you never get a chance to improve your mini-game skills. This is later changed in the sequels when they create a part of the game called mini-games, which then allows you to become an expert in the mini-games, allowing you to be a better Mario Party gamer as a whole. Although I lost the bet, it still doesn’t change my opinion that there is a great deal of luck involved in Mario Party, whether it be to where the star happens to go, to the number you receive in the gaming dice, to who ends up taking your coins and stars away. It is because of the great deal of luck and the length of the game that although it is a classic, I do not like Mario Party.


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