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Cloud Strife

First we have our main hero of the game, Name being Cloud Strife. Who a mercenary is a ex-Soldier member, which was a group of Genetically altered soldiers (think super soldiers.) who opens the game a part of the Anti-Shinra Group named “AVALANCHE”.

Throughout the game, Comes to terms with his troubled past. While learning to adapt to new found role as a leader.  Also joined by his childhood friend Tifa Lockhart, Whom he throughout the game seem to had become torn between Aerith & Tifa. Who was also a member of the Anti-Shinra Group AVALANCHE.

Playing through the game revealed Cloud’s memories of his troubled past, one point and time idolizing Sephiroth. Then his hatred for Sephiroth, that seemed to haunt him. Yet push him to be better than he ever was despite the road that led Sephiroth to where he was.

Tifa Lockhart


Tifa is a childhood friend hero Cloud Strife,Also owner of the “7th Heaven bar” and member of the Anti-Shinra group AVALANCHE who opposes Shinra corporation. It is revealed that Tifa convinced Cloud to join the Soldier group to keep a close eye on him after noticing changes in his personality. She also helps him recover after his mind becomes broken, and they realize they have mutual feelings for one another and work together to help defeat Sephiroth.


Aerith Gainsborough


Aerith is first seen as a flower seller, when she comes across a small but brief conversation with Cloud. The two later meet in Aerith’s church in the Sector 5 slums, where I believed he was launched to by an explosion. In which she was at risk of being kidnapped by the Shinra Personal task force named “The Turks”. Aerith then asks Cloud to be a bodyguard at the cost of one date.  Aerith then joins them in the pursuit of Sephiroth, while embarking on a journey of self-discovery. In which later ended in her Demise.


The next blog will consist of more Character bios, Also a indepth discussion on how everything played itself out through the classic game. Thank you for reading, Hope you enjoyed.



Final Fantasy 7 is a PlayStation (PsOne or PSX)  role playing game (Rpg).  It’ was one of the most involved games of its time.  It was completed on a lot of symbolism, also relationships that dealt with mythology of different cultures.

Final Fantasy 7 had an apparent story, that to filled all gaps that others had left undefined, unanswered and created a rather tragic story for its heroes & Herione. In which case the story did unfold itself in a very unorthodox manner, throughout
the game in fragments and arranged in order of 3 discs. The story in which
crucial revelations come at points in the game when we least
to expect them.

The game had 9 playable Characters, each to be added to your team throughout the game play. The main character name being Cloud Strife, A former member of Shinra’s SOLDIER Unit.. Who is now a member of the group titled AVALANCHE, in which you learn is an anti-Shinra group led to bring down the Shinra Corporation. Which opened the intial 1st disc, with multiple raids Mako (Energy Reactors) Reactors surrounded by the city of Midgar. Though the 1st series of missions are successful, the group AVALANCHE becomes trapped at a reactor during a mission. The reactor had a bomb set to explode, launching the main character Cloud from the upper part of the city Midgar to the slums under. Where he lands on a flower bed, where we are formally introduced to Aerith (In which we can rename the character as we please.) which then Shinra’s group of enforcers known as the “Turks” operatives sent to capture Aerith.