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After recently establishing the good that can come from video games that represent sports, I wanted to play other games asImageide from basketball.  Football and tennis did similar things to 2k, but FIFA 2012 had a much bigger message than the other sports video games I played.  Since FIFA is soccer or “futbol”, the most popular sport in the world, the game exemplifies the way the league really works.


This game demonstrates a lot about the role that the manager plays and players interactions with the managers.  The way that the game integrates real life economics is what makes it so great in my opinion.  It teaches players who are interested in national soccer the pros and cons of the game through the difficulties that money brings.  Where the richer clubs get the better players (just like in the national league itself, players struggle to put their teams together and deal with the press when things go wrong


Ultimate team, which is a disk that comes with FIFA 2012 helps teach kids and players the most in my opinion.  The disk itself allows players to build their own team (the ultimate team) through earning coins and buying players in groups.  I believe this teaches kids about the real economics of supply and demand without letting them realize through spending real money.  In my opinion, FIFA 2012 is a great game for teenagers to play as it teaches the truth about something that interests players.


The NBA 2K12 is the most recent of a series of basketball video games, published by 2K sports.  The idea of the game is for gamers to have control over their favorite, most iconic basketball players, and play against their friend’s teams.  I learned about this game through a close group of guy friends, who have in fact set up their own “2K league”.  The game became interesting to me after witnessing how much my friends cared about winning these games, and in fact beating the other teams.   While the teams are not reflective of current teams these players play on (Lebron plays for the Knicks in their league due to a separate draft), their real talent is demonstrated through the game.  Based on how well they play in the 2K league, players can even get inducted into the “Basketball Hall of Fame”.  To make the game seem even more real, there is a broadcasting team that makes the audio of the game realistic.

Since I am a basketball fan, I started to pay a lot of attention to exactly what the game entails.  For a while, I could not understand why they would not just watch a game.  But 2K actually teaches these boys how to develop basketball plans and win games at an elite level.  I find it cool that this game gives fans an opportunity to compete as if it were March Madness, but also that they can learn more about the game.  I would be interested to learn if this game benefits real basketball players in the success of their game.  At least for kids playing basketball, I would assume the 2K gives them a better sense of how to move around the court successfully.Image

As I’ve grown up, I learned that the reason my mom was so against me playing video games was because she herself was an avid video game player.  When I started taking the train alone, she would warn me immensely to be careful to get off at my stop.  I always thought she was crazy for being so concerned about me making this mistake, since the conductor announces the stop about 5 times before I would get to my town, I’ve never come close to not getting off the train.  However, since my mom commutes to New York City everyday on the LIRR, I finally found out how she made such a terrible mistake to end up 45 minutes away from home.  It was her addiction to her game boy that caused this.

I guess we could call it “back in the day” that Tetris was her favorite game to play on her game boy.  However, to this day, Tetris is arguably one of the most addicting games ever created.  This tile matching puzzle video game was most popularly used for the game boy itself and is recognized by many as the greatest game of all time.

When I got to college, I would often play this game on my computer in class since I do not own a game boy.  When you start playing it, it is really quite fun since it is easy.  For me, this is a game aspect that I love since I am generally very bad at games.  However, as you get to higher levels in the game, the “tetrominoes” come down much faster which makes it very difficult to place them correctly.  This often results in losing (especially for me since I have never actually beat the game) and thus makes one play a million more times to try and beat it.  Hence, I believe the addiction comes the initial belief that you are good at the game, to the sudden speed that makes you lose.  Therefore, you feel the need to keep trying.

I personally can’t even play Tetris anymore because it frustrated me so much.  However, some people thrive off of frustration and it makes them more competitive than ever.ImageImage

Growing up, I was not allowed to play video games at home.  My mom was very adamant that she wanted me to spend as little time in front of a TV as possible.  This is perhaps why I have never developed a love playing video games.  However, I pretty much owned every board game ever created as a child.  This was how I would spend my days, playing board game after board game with friends and family.  However, the one game I still love to play is “Sorry”.  I don’t know if it was the fact that I truly loved saying SORRY every time I knocked someone to the beginning of the board, but out of all the board games I played throughout my childhood, it is the only one I would still play at any given chance.



When I think about what it is that made this game so much fun for me, I can picture what made me smile and laugh throughout my experiences.  I believe that the cards being face down gave the game a thrill for me.   There were so many different options of what the cards could tell you to do, so when it was your turn to pick a card you would pray to get a good pick and not have to go backwards, and pray that your competition would get all bad cards.  Those cards were like your destiny.  Looking back, I realize I never really liked dice and to this day I prefer to avoid games that require dice.  With dice, you can only go forward, and some people could truly be better at rolling dice than others.  The many options that the cards possessed gave the game so much thrill,  as long as they were shuffled properly.  To this day, I believe it is the best board game ever created.  Anyone want to play sorry?